SI Controls


With much improved physical changes, this new control station functions identically to its predecessor, the BSF8. See below for details. Every control station you order will come with a control sticker of your choice.

BSF8 (red or blue)

The BSF8 Timing Control comes as either a "display top" (DT) unit or a "display bottom" (DB) unit. This distinction refers to the location of the LCD readout on the control - either on the top or the bottom of the unit. In general, if a control is to have a control code sticker on its top surface, the "display bottom" unit is recommended. The DB unit is available in blue or red. The DT unit is available in blue only. Every control station you order will come with a control sticker of your choice.


Download station with USB interface to computer. Allows programming of controls and downloading of finger-stick information. This unit does not contain an internal battery, it is powered by the USB port. It features very low power consumption, the laptop battery will not be stressed. The unit will retain all downloads even if the unit is unplugged for a while.

BS8-D Time Master

The SI-Master BS8-D is an extended SI control. In addition to being programmable by you like any other control, it can also be used as a Time Master, and as an Extended Time Master. A Time Master allows the quick setting of the real-time clocks in other controls. As Extended Time Master it additionally clears the backup memory of the other controls. See the downloads section below for more info.


This control is mainly useful as part of a radio control system. It transmits the information of a punch by a non Air+ 'card'/finger stick to a nearby SRR receiver. Since Air+ finger sticks don't physically punch, it does not transmit for those cards, but by programming this type of control as a beacon control, with Radio set to "Send Last Record", the Air+ itself will transmit the punch info to the nearby SRR receiver.

BS11-BS Small Air+ control

Allows 'punching' a control from up to 1.8m away.

BS11-BL Large Air+ control

Allows 'punching' a control from up to 3m away.