SI Accessories

Transport Case

This is the standard SPORTident transport case that also comes with the school kits. It can hold up to 22 BSF7s or 54 BSF8s.

SI Special Instruction Chips

Special Instruction Chips for various purposes
From $12.00

Air+ Signal strength indicator

This device is useful to determine the signal strength at a given distance. It is used like a SIAC finger stick, but indicates the signal strength by the number of beeps it emits when within range - a good signal emits 3 beeps at a time, an average signal 2 beeps, and a weak signal is 1 beep.

SRR USB Dongle for Air+

This unit can receive information from a SIAC chip up to 8m away.

Mounting holders for BS7 or BS8 / BS9 controls

The older, larger BS7s and the smaller, newer BS8s and BS9s each have two options for mounting holders. One is the bracket - a piece that runs lengthwise, with the control snapping into place. The other is the plate - a piece the size of the base of the control, into which the control snaps.

Permanent Control Stickers

These waterproof, vinyl stickers were specifically designed for SPORTident controls and can also be adapted for a multitude of other uses. The O-Store can provide custom sized stickers with custom text, logos, and design.
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Temporary Control Stickers

These 8.5x11" sheets (36 stickers per sheet) are perfect for printing your own temporary stickers for SPORTident BSF9, BSF8 (display bottom) and BSF7 controls.

Features of these stickers include:
- Waterproof
- Easy to remove
- Print doesn't scratch off easily
- Works with laser printer
- Ideal for temporary re-labelling of controls
- Print on them yourselves, or request that we print for you.
From $2.00

SPORTident Bluetooth printer

This is a small Bluetooth thermal printer designed for the SPORTident Orienteering App on Android smartphones and tablets.


This coupling stick is needed to enable communication between a USB or RS232 main station and a control. Insert the coupler into the hole of the main station and lay the control on top of the main station. The control will send the RF signal from the one control to the other.

Wrist Safety Strap - Bulk

If you're worried about losing your SI timing stick, you can add this strap. Also extremely useful in the winter where it's hard to tell if the strap is still on your glove! If you're looking to purchase a single strap, see related product below.
From $1.20

SI Timing Chip Strap - Bulk

Bulk order straps for SI timing chips. If you're looking to order a single strap, see related product below.
From $1.60

SIAC Battery Replacement - For Clubs

SPORTident SIAC batteries will last 3 or more years, however SPORTident recommends that the battery is replaced after three years. offers the SIAC battery replacement service.
If your club or organization has a set of SIAC timing chips, you will need to have all the batteries replaced at some point. When that time comes, gives us a call or send us an email for further details and a quote.
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