This Way Up

A novel from New Zealand, by Lindsay Wood. First published 2010. High school is hell. Corey is overweight and shy, so no wonder he spends all his spare time playing Counter-Strike on the computer. When his mum gives him an ultimatum - join a school sports team or broadband will be cancelled - he's horrified to find that she means it. Realizing that for once he's not going to get his own way, Corey looks for the easiest sports option. Orienteering he reads, can be 'like a stroll in the park'. But when Corey joins the orienteering team, he finds out the hard way that more than strolling is required. Alone in the back of beyond, he is forced to fall back on his own resources if he doesn't want to totally humiliate himself in front of the others. And then he remembers Counter-Strike. Will the fat boy have what it take to become a cunning runner and survive against the odds?