Team Canada Clothing - 2014 Design

Singlet Team Canada - design 2014

A sleek, comfortable singlet, perfect for urban races or hot-weather road running.

Short Free Team Canada - design 2014

These are technical fitness shorts with a comfortable and loose fit. These microfibre fitness shorts have a ventilating functional fabric that ensures excellent moisture transfer and optimal comfort. The running shorts have a comfortable mesh liner and a handy zip pocket on the back.

Short Run Team Canada - design 2014

These are running shorts for hot days and long training sessions. The shorts are made of a lightweight, technical fabric that dries quickly and is comfortable to wear. The running shorts have slits at the sides, and a liner in a comfortable mesh fabric.

Short Hipster Team Canada - design 2014

These tight shorts come only in a women's fit. They are designed with as few seams as possible for comfort and efficiency. With a small pocket on the inside of the high waist, these shorts are perfect for urban races or road runs.

Collants courts Team Canada - design 2014

Designed to have as few seams as possible, these tight shorts are great for urban running.

Polo Team Canada - design 2014

A classy, collared shirt perfect for casual orienteering gatherings. Show your support for the Team Canada athletes at the annual COC banquet by sporting this top.