Puce de chronométrage SI-9


Puce de chronométrage SIAC

The SIAC (SI Air+ touchless timing chip) is the newest and fastest timing chip available. See below for details of the touchless system. Upgrade to a 25 cm timing chip strap to allow it to be worn around the wrist for ski orienteering. Add a wrist safety strap as extra protection to prevent accidental loss during an event.

Additional colours coming!
Starting mid-June 2023 we will also have turquoise and pink!

Trousse pour écoles SPORTident

This is an ideal starter set for Schools and Orienteering clubs. It consists of everything needed to run small events with up to 30 participants.

Valise de transport (normal)

This is the standard SportIdent transport case that also comes with the school kits. It can hold up to 22 BSF7s or 54 BSF8s.

Sangle de remplacement pour puces SI-card

Replacement / spare strap for all SPORTident finger stick timing chips. The regular length straps is for normal use on a finger. The long strap is for use around a wrist - typically for ski-O and especially with a SIAC touchless timing chip for ski orienteering.

BS11-BL station de contrôle Air+ grande

Allows 'punching' a control from up to 3m away.

BS11-BS station de contrôle Air+ petite

Allows 'punching' a control from up to 1.8m away.

Puce USB SRR pour Air+

This unit can receive information from a SIAC chip up to 8m away.

Trousse appli CO

SPORTident Printer with 5 paper rolls
Download main station
One year Orienteering App 100 subscription
OTG cables to connect main station to Android phone or tablet (not included)

Trousses VTT Enduro

SPORTident has created great timing kits for Enduro races. There are three options - one each for a 4 stage race, a 5 stage race, and a 6 stage race. These kits contain everything you need for world class competitive timing. Between the SIAC chips that the competitors carry with them and the BS11 control stations at the start and finish of each stage, competitors' times are recorded without needing to slow down at the finish line.
A partir de $8,200.00

Puces SI-Card d'instructions spéciales

Special Instruction Chips for various purposes
A partir de $12.00

Indicateur d'intensité du signal Air+

This device is useful to determine the signal strength at a given distance. It is used like a SIAC finger stick, but indicates the signal strength by the number of beeps it emits when within range - a good signal emits 3 beeps at a time, an average signal 2 beeps, and a weak signal is 1 beep.