Spirit5 - F

Fabricant: Icebug
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From Icebug:

Being on top of the podium doesn't mean you get to rest, at least not if you want to stay at top. The same goes for our Spirit as we constantly look for ways to improve it and keep its position as the benchmark in the off trail business. The Spirit5 has one major update compared to previous season. The studs have been modified in a way that has enabled a decrease in weight of the midsole. So, the already light, Spirit is lighter than ever before!

Otherwise it's basically the same winning concepts as the previous version. The heel cup is comfortably soft and has a depression in the centre back in order to reduce pressure at the Achilles tendon. The upper material is really soft and flexible. Yet it doesn't compromise the durability, which is very good. The upper material, and the closed-cells of the heel cup, absorb very little water (maximum 20% increase when wet). The upper has molded protective areas and all stitches are done with a Stitch-and-turn technique to protect the thread. The sole has a very low profile and drop to optimize ground control, but yet it's flexible to allow the foot to move naturally. The outsole has excellent grip, with innovative diagonal ridge pattern, that is enhanced to amazing with 14 integrated OLX carbide tip studs.

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Shoe FitWomen's
Outsole GripCarbide Tip Studs