Puce de chronométrage SIAC

The SIAC (SI Air+ touchless timing chip) is the newest and fastest timing chip available. See below for details of the touchless system. Upgrade to a 25 cm timing chip strap to allow it to be worn around the wrist for ski orienteering. Add a wrist safety strap as extra protection to prevent accidental loss during an event.
Fabricant: SPORTident

Add a wrist strap to your SPORTident finger stick timing chip to prevent accidental loss during an event.  


All SPORTident finger stick timing chips come with a finger strap.

The SIAC (SPORTident Air+ contactless timing system) timing chip is the only SPORTident timing chip that does not require contact with the the timing control to register a time.  The  timing chip will register a time within approximately 50 cm of the SI control station.  Note that the SI control station must be set to Air+ mode for this to work; if not the SIAC will act as a regular timing chip requiring insertion in the control station.  

The SIAC timing chip holds times from up to 128 controls.  It is the fastest of all the SI chips to register a time (50ms using Air+ mode, 60ms using regular mode).  The SIAC is suitable for all athletes, but is particularly advantageous for competitive athletes and for sprint races.

For help choosing the right SI timing chip for you, take a look at our blog post - How to Choose: SI Timing Chips

Nom d'attributValeur d'attribut
Speed50ms (Air+) / 60ms (regular)
Control Capacity128