Pantalons et collants

Pantalon 3/4 de CO Trimtex

Technical orienteering pants with great fit and excellent comfort. Optimal combination of fabrics ensures a perfect fit, great wear resistance and excellent moisture management. These features together with a tight fit and pre-shaped knees makes these the most popular orienteering pants on the market. There is a pocket in the back for storing keys etc. The pants come in two colours: black or navy. If the size you're looking for is not available, please check out related products at the bottom of this page, or e-mail us with your request.

Pantalons 3/4 Vavrys

$40.00 $15.00

Pantalons 3/4 de CO Vavrys Race

These light-weight orienteering pants provide protection from underbrush to the entire leg. Loose fitting and with an elastic waist, they are suitable for all levels of orienteer. There is a pocket on the inside for keys or whistles or the like. Black with coloured trim.

Pantalons de CO Vavrys Race

Light weight, tough material that withstands the vegetation that wants to attack your clothing in the bush. Full length pants, with fitted kness, mesh at the back for breathability and cooling. Sizes from XXS to XXL.