Flags, Punches and Stands

Aluminum Control Posts for BSF-8, set of 10

These stands were developed by the O-Store keeping in mind that we want light weight, easy-to-carry, space efficient stands with an option to have the pin punch attached to the post. They are made from light-weight aluminum , and have a SPORTident bracket attached. There is an option to have the back-up pin punch permanently mounted underneath the plastic bracket, avoiding the need to have punches dangling from flags and tangling themselves up as you carry them through the forest to and from the control sites. Control flags are typically looped over the bracket, and are held in place by the SI control. Post is 89 cm (35 inches) tall. Total weight of one set of 10 is 2 kg.

Fibreglass Control Post

This stand is ideal to hang flags from.It is flexible and won't bend out of shape, light, weatherproof and has a step-in for easy planting.
From $7.50

Fibreglass Control Post for SI Unit

Light-weight (220g). Easy to carry. Flexible -- other stands have metal posts that get bent by enthusiastic orienteers, this one will right itself. Price includes small SI bracket. Please contact us for more information. Note -- does not include flag or backup paper punch. Click on picture for bigger image.
From $15.00

Punch Cards, pack of 100

These punch cards conform to the standard Orienteering layout and are printed on weatherproof and tear-proof Tyvek. They are for use with either the Vavrys or Silva orienteering punches. Comes in packs of 100 Control Punch cards.
From $11.50

Silva Orienteering Punches, set of 10

Silva punches are sold in set of 10. There are two pattern sets, series A and series B. Punches come with a cord to attach them to a flag, and also with holes in the base to permantly attach them to an orienteering control post.

Vavrys Orienteering Punches, set of 10

Orienteering punches. These come in sets of 10, and are available in three patterns sets: A, B or C. Click on the pattern images below for a larger view. Punches come with an attached string so they can be easily hung from flags. Please note that these punches are not made to withstand the weather for multiple years. While some organizations do purchase them for permanent courses and leave them out, we find that the punches need to be replaced after one or two years.

Flag and Punch Kit

Build your own starter kit! Choose your flags - 15 or 30 cm flags, and for the 30 cm flags, choose whether you wish to them to have a blue diagonal stripe (very much preferred by those with colour-blindness). Choose your quantity of flags and punches, in increments of 10. The basic kit comes with 200 punch cards and you can choose to add more as desired.

30cm Control Flags

The O-Store has 3 options in competition size orienteering flags. Silva flags have a reflective diagonal stripe - great for night orienteering. Vavrys flags have the option of a blue diagonal stripe to aid colour blind orienteers. All three flags meet IOF standards.
From $7.00

Permanent Control Markers

The O-Store has two sizes of permanent control markers to offer - 10 cm (4 inches) or 5 cm (2 inches) square. These high quality vinyl markers with UV resistant paint are good for training areas or schools. They come with a hole in the middle of each edge for nailing or tying to a post or tree.
From $2.20