SPORTident Timing Chips

For help choosing the right SI timing stick for you, take a look at our blog post - How to Choose: SI Timing Sticks

SIAC Timing Chip

The SIAC (SI Air+ touchless timing chip) is the newest and fastest timing chip available. See below for details of the touchless system. Upgrade to a 25 cm timing chip strap to allow it to be worn around the wrist for ski orienteering. Add a wrist safety strap as extra protection to prevent accidental loss during an event.

Additional colours coming!
Starting mid-June 2023 we will also have turquoise and pink!

SI-10 Timing Chip


SI-9 Timing Chip


SI-8 Timing Chip


Wrist Safety Strap

A wrist strap to attach to your SPORTident finger stick.

Replacement SI Timing Chip Strap

Replacement / spare strap for all SPORTident finger stick timing chips. The regular length straps is for normal use on a finger. The long strap is for use around a wrist - typically for ski-O and especially with a SIAC touchless timing chip for ski orienteering.

SIAC Battery Replacement

SPORTident SIAC batteries will last 3 or more years, however SPORTident recommends that the battery is replaced after three years. offers the SIAC battery replacement service. See below for details on how to book your battery replacement.