SPORTident School Kit

This is an ideal starter set for Schools and Orienteering clubs. It consists of everything needed to run small events with up to 30 participants.
Manufacturer: SPORTident

Included items in the kit:

  • 30 SI-Cards (SI-8)
  • The printout set, consisting of:
    • 1 BSM8-USB Mini Reader
    • SPORTident bluetooth printer
    • Charger for printer
    • Extra rolls of thermal paper for printer
    • OTG cables (micro USB and USB-C) to plug Mini Reader into your Android phone
    • 1 Transport case for printout set
  • 12 SPORTIdent control stations BSF9, configured as:
    • 1x START
    • 10x Controls 31-40
    • 1x FINISH
  • 1 BSF8-D Time Master Control, primary role as CLEAR
  • 1 Coupling stick
  • Service/Off Instruction finger-stick
  • Clear Backup Instruction finger-stick
  • 1 Transport case for control units and SI-8 cards
  • Five year subscription to Orienteering App 100