Orienteering Kits

#22 Tourist Compass - Set of 5

This set of compasses is great for school groups, cadet groups, Scouts and Guides groups.
From $120.00

Flag and Punch Kit

Build your own starter kit! Choose your flags - 15 or 30 cm flags, and for the 30 cm flags, choose whether you wish to them to have a blue diagonal stripe (very much preferred by those with colour-blindness). Choose your quantity of flags and punches, in increments of 10. The basic kit comes with 200 punch cards and you can choose to add more as desired. You can also choose to add some simple hooks for convenient hanging of flags.

SPORTident School Kit

This is an ideal starter set for Schools and Orienteering clubs. It consists of everything needed to run small events with up to 30 participants.

Silva Compass Set Box

Store your set of compasses in a handy portable case, whether for your school, club, or programme. Holds 28 compasses.

SI pCard Timing Chip Set

The pCard timing chip is ideal for groups and events where the number of controls is always small. pCards are suitable for school orienteering and for Enduro races. pCards come with a wrist safety strap. They hold a maximum of 20 controls, including any errors or duplicate punches so we recommend only using for events with 15 or fewer controls.
From $17.00

O-Starter Sets

The SPORTident O-Starter sets are ideal for use in schools. They are great for introducing orienteering and can be used in indoor spaces or outdoors. The sets come with 200 (for the 4x4) to 1000 (for the 6x6) exercises to add variety and interest. It is quick to set up and comes with a student friendly computer interface for results.
From $2,800.00