Orienteering App Set

This set includes:
* SPORTident Printer with 5 paper rolls
* Download main station
* One year Orienteering App 100 subscription
* OTG cables to connect main station to Android phone or tablet (not included)
Manufacturer: SPORTident

The app (which does not require a license if publishing results online is not needed) allows the organizer to setup a race and capture results.  In its simplest use-case, it will print the results downloaded from the SI timing finger stick, without setting up any race information.  This is useful for training events.  But the app allows more complex events, especially when the license is used, since participant entry can then be done online. The app can be downloaded from Google Play to your Android device (see SPORTident Orienteering – Apps on Google Play) - you do not need the Orienteering App Set to have a look at the Android app.