Str8 Magnifying Lens

This new magnifier is designed specifically to fit with the Str8 compass. It attaches to the compass using the thumb strap and has the same adjustable angle (plus or minus 20 degrees) that the Str8 thumb compass has. Comes with a strong, lightweight aluminum frame for more durability.

Str8 Evo

This compass by Str8 is slightly smaller than the original, along with a simpler housing. However, all the good features of Str8 compasses are there, including
  • - +/-20 degree adjustable thumb angle
  • - high strength body
  • - compatible with Str8 magnifying lens

Str8 First

Str8 introduces a compass ideal for younger hands. It is an ideal way to learn orienteering. A universal fit system is great for all hand sizes, left or right. Features:
  • - Ergonomic Fit with adjustable strap
  • - Rotating capsule
  • - Hardened capsule body
Available in Black only

Str8 Competitive Models

The Str8 brand offers high quality, competitive compasses with top notch features.
* One size no longer fits all when it comes to compasses. Str8 offers a range of compasses sizes to accommodate hand size, orienteering technique, and terrain type.
* Each Str8 compass has three different angle settings for your thumb strap to accommodate your hand shape and to ensure that your direction arrow is always pointing straight ahead of you.
* The base of each thumb plate features an anti-slip map gripper to avoid losing contact with the map.
* A direction line runs from the point of the thumb plate right through the compass module to make it easier to take bearings while on course.
From $115.00