How to Choose: Control Description Holders

How to Choose: Control Description Holders

New to orienteering and wondering what those things on people's arms are for? Or do you have an old control description holder that's getting a little ratty?  Let's walk through the available control description holders (referred to as CDHs).

Length OptionsN/aN/AShortLongShortLongShortLong
OrientationPerpendicular to armPerpendicular to armParallel to armParallel to armParallel to arm
Strap ClosureElastic strap with friction grip in eyeletVelcroElastic strap with clip closureElasticized velcroStretch sleeve
Extra Features  Detachable thumb gripSleeve peels off from velcro backing for easy insertion of control description and angled placement  Sleeve peels off from velcro backing for easy insertion of control description and angled placement
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Factors to Consider when Choosing a Control Description Holder


It’s important to consider the length of your control description holder (CDH) because this will determine whether your control description will fit.  If you’re often running races with many controls, it may be a good idea to opt for a longer CDH.  If your courses are shorter or often have fewer controls, then a short CDH will likely do.


This is all about personal preference, but we do find that most people prefer a CDH that runs parallel to the arm.  This provides easier readability of the control description.  The Race option provides the extra feature of being able to place your CDH at a comfortable angle along the arm if straight parallel is awkward for you.

Strap Comfort

This is also personal preference.  Which one feels good on your arm and is going to provide the most comfort while running?

As for the detachable thumb grip available with the Combi option, we’ve never met any orienteers who use it, so if you try it and like it, please let us know!!