Flags and Accessories


The O-Store has developed this lock system to secure your SPORTident controls at their control sites on course. Reduce the likelihood of theft and vandalism. Purchase them as sets of 10 locks and wires with keys or purchase the parts individually.
From $1.10

30cm Control Flags

The O-Store has 3 options in competition size orienteering flags. Silva flags have a reflective diagonal stripe - great for night orienteering. Vavrys flags have the option of a blue diagonal stripe to aid colour blind orienteers. All three flags meet IOF standards.
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15cm Control Flags

From $6.50

Flag and Punch Kit

Build your own starter kit!
Choose your flags - 15 or 30 cm flags, and for the 30 cm flags, choose whether you want a blue diagonal stripe (very much preferred by those with colour-blindness). Choose your quantity of flags and punches in increments of 10. The basic kit comes with 200 punch cards and you can choose to add more as desired. You can also choose to add flag clips for convenient hanging of flags.

Permanent Control Markers

The O-Store has two sizes of permanent control markers to offer - 10 cm (4 inches) or 5 cm (2 inches) square. These high quality vinyl markers with UV resistant paint are good for training areas or schools. They come with a hole in the middle of each edge for nailing or tying to a post or tree.
From $2.20

Flag Clips (Set of 10)

These clips provide an easy solution to hang your flags on stands or on a tree branch out in the woods. Our newest clips have a closed loop at one end to permanently tie the flag cord to. They measure about 3.5 cm in length. $3.00 for a set of 10 clips.
From $2.50