Don't Get Lost!

"Don't get lost!" is a novel that aims to inspire children to get outside and learn how to read a map. It also teaches them what to do if they get lost. The book is suitable for ages 7-11.


After learning how to read a map and use a compass at school, Annie and her best friend, Leah, cannot wait to head out on an adventure. During a family camping trip they get the opportunity to practice their skills. But when bad weather hits and they are looking for a shortcut home, will they remember what they learned?


About the Author:

Malin Hansen grew up in Sweden, but currently lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She is a lecturer in biology, a scout leader, and an orienteering coach. She enjoys teaching children and adults about the natural world. Don’t Get Lost is her first novel. It is inspired by her love for outdoor adventures and her goal of getting kids outside.