Custom Clothing

Thank you for your interest in ordering custom clothing through the o-store!  We are excited to work with you as you take this step in branding your club or event.

The o-store can work with you from design to distribution to ensure that you receive your perfect clothing.  If you are looking for assistance in 

  • designing your clothing
  • selling your clothing
  • distributing your clothing

we are here for you!



The o-store works regularly with Trimtex to offer custom technical clothing and with a local company to offer custom casual clothing.



Prices will vary depending on quantity, product choice, design, and exchange rates, but we have included some ballpark numbers to give you an idea. 

"Technical"  Clothing from Trimtex 

  • Short sleeve shirts $40 to $90 

  • Long sleeve shirts $75 to $95 

  • Jackets $130 to $150 

  • Pants $75 to $95 

Casual clothing 

  • T-shirts $20 to $30 

  • Hoodies $40 to $55  


Sample Photos

Take a look at the following photos for a sample of our work!




Orienteering Ottawa recently received new club clothing for their members.  They ordered race clothing including shirts and pants, warm-up pants and jackets, and casual clothing including t-shirts and hoodies.



The o-store designed these fabulous shirts for Kootenay orienteering club.



The Yukon Orienteering Association hosted the North American Orienteering Championships in 2018 and had these wonderful event shirts created for purchase by participants.




In 2014, Orienteering Ottawa hosted the North American Orienteering Championships and had shirts created both for competitors and for officials. 



The o-store also designed and created personalized, specific shirts for all who want to support and represent the o-store while out on course.


Here is a sample of the winter/ski jackets ordered by the Ottawa club.

Orienteering Ottawa made sure to have a matching set for their athletes so they ordered pants as well.


Here's an example of a casual cotton t-shirt ordered by Orienteering Ottawa.

Take a look Orienteering Ottawa's super comfy branded hoodies.

The o-store ordered some custom polo shirts for our employees and sales representatives.