Control Description Holders

For help choosing the right control description holder for you, take a look at our blog post - How to Choose: Control Description Holders

Control Description Holder - Basic

A small bare bones control description holder. Holds the paper between two clear plastic sheets, perpendicular to the arm. Held in place on the arm with an elastic strap.

Control Description Holder - Classic

A small control description holder that holds the paper perpendicular to your arm. Held in place on the arm with a velcro strap.

Control Description Holder - Combi

This control description holder holds the paper parallel to the arm in a plastic sleeve. Attached to the arm with two adjustable elastic straps.

Control Description Holder - Race

Similar to the Combi control description holders, this description holder fits lengthwise along the arm with two adjustable velcro straps to hold it in place. The entire sleeve of this description holder peels off from the velcro backing so it's easy to fit your clue sheet in while standing at the start line.

Control Description Holder - Tube

This control description holder runs parallel to the arm. It is held on the arm by an elastic tube, providing greater contact than the Combi, but less adjustability.