Cone Toppers for SI

Another O-Store creation that we are so excited to share with you! These holders for SPORTident timing controls are designed to fit snuggly atop a typical orange traffic cone, ideal for indoor or school yard orienteering games. The O-Store was wanting to create a product to make it quick and easy for teachers and programme coaches to set up for a group of enthusiastic youngsters.
Purchase the toppers individually or pick up your cones at the same time and make it a set!
Picture of Cone Toppers
Cone Toppers
The O-Store has designed these cone toppers to enable teachers and programme coaches to easily and quickly set up indoor or outdoor orienteering games for their participants. Simply lay out the cones to fit your game, then place the cone topper, with SI control attached, in the hole at the top of the cone. It's that easy! Between sessions, the SI controls can stay in the cone topper SI-holders, so you don't even need to put the SI controls in the holders when setting them out next time.
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Picture of Cone Stand
Cone Stand
The cone toppers were designed with these cones in mind, so if you're looking to add some more cones to your set, these ones work well. If you have access to other cones, they may still work. Feel free to give us a call and we will help you determine whether the toppers will fit.
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Picture of Cone and Topper Set
Cone and Topper Set
If you're looking to get your school or club established for indoor and park orienteering games, you may want to purchase some of the cones and toppers together as a set.
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