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SPORTident Maintenance and Support
SPORTident Maintenance and Support

Did you know?? is the authorized repair depot for SPORTident equipment in North and South America.  That means we have all the equipment and knowledge needed to replace batteries, repair damaged controls, replace waterproof seals, and solve orienteering related computer issues.  We can also provide you, the users of SPORTident equipment, with tips, tricks, and tools for proper use and cleaning.  If you are someone who uses SPORTident equipment, particularly as a timing specialist, event organizer, or race volunteer, you may be interested in checking out our SPORTident-specific blog page.  There you’ll find updates from SPORTident, technical support for SI software, and details about repairs.  Check it out at and if you have any questions about your timing equipment, contact erict AT

How to Choose: SI Timing Sticks
Are you trying to determine which SPORTident timing stick is best for you? Read on for a comparison of each of the available options.
SPORTident Repairs

If you have SPORTident controls that need batteries replaced or other repairs please ship them to us!