Christmas Gift Ideas

As Christmas and the holiday season draw near, the O-Store would like to highlight some of our favourite holiday gift ideas for you.  Scroll down to see all the suggestions, click on the gift idea to take you to the item-specific page for more details, or to place an order.

Great Gift IdeaDescriptionPrice
Orienteering themed Rubiks-type cubeDesigned and produced by the O-Store we love these cubes. A challenging puzzle for youngsters and adults alike, with an extra twist for Rubik's Cube aficionados. The extra challenge? In a standard Rubik's cube, success is getting all the right colours in the right places. In this orienteering cube, all the squares need to be int he right places but also facing in the correct direction - no upside down symbols allowed in the centre square!!!$19.50
Hand Made Note Cards by Silva TratnikThese cards, designed specially for the O-Store are of limited quantity, while supples last. The cards are blank inside, ready for your own letter or message to be added. Great unique idea for any orienteer!$14
Stephen Stagg -  A Storybook Riddled with Puzzles

Stephen Stagg is an orienteering deer who puzzles his way through an orienteering course, sharing rhymes and riddles, problems and puzzles with young orienteers.  A wonderful new book to share with youngsters in your life.

Scents of Direction Body BalmHandcrafted body balm, made in Ottawa using all natural ingredients and beeswax produced by the Laurich family bees.  Sspecially designed for orienteers and sold only at the O-Store.  Keeps your hands, feet, elbows, knees moist all year long.  Great for soothing your orienteering  scrapes and scratches.  Each tin contains 60 ml of lemony fresh body balm.$18
Scents of Direction Lip Balm

Handcrafted, all natural lip balm, made with beeswax from the same bees that produced the wax for the Scents of Direction body balm. Also contains shea butter, almond, grape seed oil and coconut oil among a list of all natural oils. Don't let your lips dry out this winter!